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1650 North Mills Av. Orlando, FL 32789

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Art Gallery at Mills Park is the newest addition to the trendy Mills Park area in Orlando, and the first fine art gallery of its unique style.

The Art Gallery at Mills Park’s mission is to provide the Orlando arts community with the highest quality visual arts in a vibrant, inclusive environment where we do more than sell art, we know the artist.


Curator/Director: Boris Douglas Garbe 

"I have found out that the relationship between and artist and a curator is about the creative process, connecting the wishes of the artist with the needs of the gallery, and allowing people the best view of beauty and expression." 

Venue Director: ​Dustin Gregg

"The reason I have always been attracted to art is that you don't need language to understand it. Sometimes its just good to look at a paint, and fall in love with it."

Associate: Bailey Danielle Johnson

TEAM from left to right: Dustin Gregg, Lael Dewahl, Boris Douglas Garbe 

From left to right:Lael Dewahl, Boris Douglas Garbe, Alexandra Philco

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso